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Swordsfall Kickstarter Campaign: Welcome To Tikor

I worked alongside writer and team leader Brandon Dixon, and lead artist T'umo Mere to create a kickstarter campaign for the book called Welcome to Tikor. I am the lead graphic designer for Swordsfall, creating logos and promotional graphics as well as designing book layouts and other in game graphics. Tikor is a world created by Brandon inspired by african mythology. Our initial goal was to raise $2,000USD but over the course of 30 days we ended up raising $120,000USD and funding 3 more books set in the Swordsfall Universe.

You can see the kickstarter campaign in it's entirety Here, the majority of the graphics were created by me, and the character artwork by T'umo. You can read more about Swordsfall by following This link To the Worldanvil page.

Vortex Kittens

I was commissioned to create a logo, character artwork, card layouts, a rules sheet and the box design for an upcoming card game called Vortex Kittens. The style we used here was very similar to my personal illustration style and I was granted a lot of freedom in coming up with the character designs. I'm very happy with how the final cards turned out, this will be a favourite project of mine for a long time.

Mutology XCG

I was contacted to create a new frame design for an upcoming Living Card Game called Mutology. The main aim of Mutology is to take creatures from the Specimen stage to an Experiment, usually a large and powerful monster. You create Experiments by attaching radiation to the specimens which is why we came up with the idea of linking the stat boxes in the bottom left which creates a thematic, intuitive and easy to read system for seeing how powerful your experiments are at a glance.

You can see above the method in which the cards connect to each other, as well as how certain cards attach to the creatures and give them additional abilities, we came up with another intuitive method for showing this by making the creature's ability box link up with the attachment card's text box.

You can find out more about Mutology at

War Of The Slimes

I was commissioned to create a logo, game board and card frames for an upcoming board/card game called War Of The Slimes. I was provided some artwork to start me off and created the suite around this style. The game is currently still in it's prototype stages so not all of the artwork is finished, but I feel what we have created so far is looking stunning.

Android: Netrunner


I created a minimalist alternate style of some Android: Netrunner ID cards inspired by the Nextwave comic book series aesthetic. Initially I posted them on the r/netrunner subreddit for fun and the cards became fairly popular in the community. I was then contacted to create a few more to be given away as entry prizes for the ANZAC online Netrunner Tournaments.
*Note: These cards were made for non commercial purposes, and the character artwork remains property of Fantasy Flight Games, I simply designed and reminxed the frames.

So Says Japan

I created the logo, branding, packaging and other assorted media for the card game So Says Japan, published by Tanuki Games. I came up with multiple variations of the same logo and branding based off of the 6 different "flavours" of the game. You can check out more information as well as see the rest of the Tanuki Games catalog at